Urban fiction is in my soul & so is romance

I write to take readers on a journey which is why I can’t stop a story sometimes. I’ve written a few series and my latest release, A Real Love is now on sale. Take a look…

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Porscha!!! girl!! if you don’t stop playing!! OMG!! how do you keep doing it!! I love this book I love the characters I loved the storyline everything can’t wait to read part 2…


Amazon Customer, Review of: Bad Boys Do It Better: In Love With an Outlaw

Porscha Sterling has yet again proved she is the queen! Every couple, every one of them completed each other and matched. Loved them all! So on that note, part two like yesterday?


Amazon Customer, Review of: Bad Boys Do It Better: In Love With an Outlaw

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The Many Faces Of Infidelity

I didn’t intend to hurt you. Monogamy isn’t natural. Whateva cos you weren’t meeting my needs! Infidelity has become something of the norm in society and is not taken as seriously as it should be. Many women–and men –have experienced infidelity in their relationships....

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Dealing with a fake jealous friend

“Congratulations on the new promotion! I think everyone got one this year though.” “It's so great that you got to travel to Europe but…you should have gone to a better city.” “I know you’re excited, but don’t get your hopes up!” Do you ever wonder why your friend is...

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How To Embrace Change And Live The Dream

“I’m sick and tired of this crap!”. Nene Tired GIF from Nene GIFs “Great, another night shift. My feet are killing me”. “I’m so broke, I don’t know how I’m going to make rent this month.” So many of us are stuck in a rut. We’ve come to a stand-still in life and we...

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