Urban fiction is in my soul & so is romance

I write to take readers on a journey which is why I can’t stop a story sometimes. I’ve written a few series and my latest release, A Real Love is now on sale. Take a look…

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Porscha!!! girl!! if you don’t stop playing!! OMG!! how do you keep doing it!! I love this book I love the characters I loved the storyline everything can’t wait to read part 2…


Amazon Customer, Review of: Bad Boys Do It Better: In Love With an Outlaw

Porscha Sterling has yet again proved she is the queen! Every couple, every one of them completed each other and matched. Loved them all! So on that note, part two like yesterday?


Amazon Customer, Review of: Bad Boys Do It Better: In Love With an Outlaw

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True Intimacy Must Include Complete Trust

“We’re sleeping together, but he hasn’t said ‘I love you’ yet.” “He shuts down whenever I wanna meet his family.” “We don’t even talk anymore.” These thoughts keep running around in your head. You know there’s something not right between the two of you. There’s a...

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Let Go And Move Forward

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​You must let go of the past before you can move forward​​​​​​​ “He really did me dirty!” “Sure I’ll forgive him…when chickens fly and Cisco leaves the Creep Squad!” “Men are really, Really, REALLY trash!” Did you catch my other 'Forgiveness' post?...

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3 Ways To Detoxify Your Relationship

“He never picks his damn clothes off the floor!” “When are you going to grow up?” “I ain’t your mama!” Do you ever get the feeling that even though you signed up to be a girlfriend/fiancée/wife that what you ended up being is a glorified mama to your man? It's...

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