Urban fiction is in my soul

I write to take readers on a journey which is why I can’t stop a story sometimes. I’ve written a few series and my latest release, Bad Boys Do it Better 5: In Love With an Outlaw is now on sale. Take a look…

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Porscha!!! girl!! if you don’t stop playing!! OMG!! how do you keep doing it!! I love this book I love the characters I loved the storyline everything can’t wait to read part 2. Crystal

Amazon Customer, Review of: Bad Boys Do It Better: In Love With an Outlaw

Porscha Sterling has yet again proved she is the queen! Every couple, every one of them completed each other and matched. Loved them all! So on that note, part two like yesterday? Gilly

Amazon Customer, Review of: Bad Boys Do It Better: In Love With an Outlaw

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[Opinion] Urban Fiction Genre – A Reply to a Reader

A reader left her opinion on my blog post, [OPINION+VIDEO] The Urban Fiction Genre - What It Is And What It Isn't. She has since withdrawn her comment, however, I was able to capture it. You may read her full comment here. Below is my reply, and I would certainly...

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Proper promotion is the lifeblood of the industry and will often make or break the success of your book, no matter how good it is. Your publishing company will undoubtedly assist in the promotion of your book but understand that this by itself isn't enough. A major...

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