Urban fiction is in my soul & so is romance

I write to take readers on a journey which is why I can’t stop a story sometimes. I’ve written a few series and my latest release, A Real Love is now on sale. Take a look…

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Porscha!!! girl!! if you don’t stop playing!! OMG!! how do you keep doing it!! I love this book I love the characters I loved the storyline everything can’t wait to read part 2…


Amazon Customer, Review of: Bad Boys Do It Better: In Love With an Outlaw

Porscha Sterling has yet again proved she is the queen! Every couple, every one of them completed each other and matched. Loved them all! So on that note, part two like yesterday?


Amazon Customer, Review of: Bad Boys Do It Better: In Love With an Outlaw

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Your Friend Is Cheating – Should You Tell?

"I don’t believe this.” “Is that who I think it is…?” “Playas gon’ play.” Cheating is one of the worst things that can happen to your friend. The devastation it causes is horrible, and the impact of being cheated on can last a long time. She’s not feeling right,...

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Grow Up! It’s Time To Take Control Of Your Life

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​To grow up, you have to take responsibility for your life Have you ever had one of these days? “I’m so tired of life.” “I’m a Junior in college, and for some reason, I’m still in bed at 2.32pm on a Tuesday eating Lucky Charms out of a mug…with a...

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Caste System – The Case of Colorism

“You’re pretty…for a dark-skinned woman.” “OMG! A black woman with green eyes!” “Wow, your hair is so nice and long – what are you mixed with?” Colorism is a toxic ideal which has ingrained itself in many cultures throughout the world. Some may argue its relevance...

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