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“Love gets you hurt. Being real gets you hated. But trust… trust can get you killed.”


For Mikhail, love was a distraction. But after losing so many friends during a gang war, he comes out as the official king of the streets, but the victory is bittersweet because he’s also the loneliest he’s ever been.

For the first time, he realizes that what he needs more than ever, is a woman to come home to at night. The moment he sees Alice, he knows that the woman he needs… is her.

For Alice, aka Ali, her only focus is on being great. Since the time that she could remember, she felt the need to prove that she was so much more than her past. More than a drug dealing father and a coke-addicted mother. More than the child they had but didn’t want.

It’s her thirst for recognition that lands her right in the middle of what many call Gangland, working undercover at the neighborhood barbershop. Placed there to investigate a gang leader suspected of ordering a dozens of homicides that rocked the city, Alice was prepared to encounter nearly everything. But she never expected to find the one man on Earth capable of showing her real love.

Although she tries to resist him, the one thing Mikhail is an expert at is applying pressure. What he wants, he gets, and she’s no different. When Ali throws caution to the wind to follow her heart, it’s a decision that sends her entire world spinning.

Loving Mikhail is like a drug and like a hopeless addict, she’s addicted.

So, down the rabbit hole she goes…

Alice in Gangland: An Urban Fairytale

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