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Proofreading vs Editing

Proofreading and Editing – What’s the difference between them anyway?

You’ve hurdled past the almost inevitable: writer’s block. Congratulations! You unleashed your creative juices; you’ve finished your novel.

Now it’s time to deliver your masterpiece.

But wait! Before anything else, you have to do a final check. Yep, you’ve guessed it: proofread and edit.

I’m not entirely sure if there are as many writers as there are good proofreaders and editors. But we both know that the final stage is crucial for the future of a novel.

So, does one differ from the other?

Proofreading is much simpler. It's a final check for grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Click To Tweet

But, don’t take this skill for granted.

Catching those almost invisible errors, typos, and punctuation requires great skill.



And admit it, sometimes you don’t bother that much in a few extra commas or periods. Or you put too many in. Guilty!

It’s good to have another pair of eyes to look into the last final details of your manuscript. But don’t forget to develop your own proofreading skills.

Trust me; you’ll find it super useful.

But, editing is an entirely different ball game. Apart from giving context and quality to your texts, editing adds the flair into your writing. It provides the right language and words that add life and substance into your work.

Editing adds the flair into your writing. Click To Tweet

Good editing could turn a manuscript into the next New York Time’s best-selling novel.

Unlike proofreading, editing skill needs years and years of practice. Not only that, experience with different types of writing.

And because as writers we sometimes have the tendency to be vain, c’mon, you know it! And we’re a little selfish over our own writing; we tend to see edits as a criticism. I’m telling ya, editing is one tough job to master.

That’s why I really recommend investing in proofreaders and editors. They’ll help you polish your novel for you.

Not only that, they’ll help you improve your craft as a writer.

You know, just like any other works of art, writing needs years and years of practice. Proofreading and editing are valuable skills you need to develop as well if you want to be a better writer.


It’s the learning that makes your writing journey worthwhile. So, on to your next great story!


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