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There is just something about a good girl with a mind of her own that makes a bad boy want to change his ways…. 


After watching her parents get gunned down right in front of her, Princess decided that she wanted absolutely nothing to do with the streets or the men who ran in them. Now, a prestigious doctor in Atlanta, she’s changed her name from Princess to Aliyah and has left her past life of being a kingpin’s daughter far behind her. However, her plans of never falling for the type of man her father are shattered when, through a twist of fate, she is kidnapped by Killian King who needs her to save his brother who’s been shot when a deal goes wrong. 


Killian King, known as ‘Kill’ for his ruthless and merciless ways, is the oldest of the King brothers, the heirs to an illegal weapon empire, started by their late father. He is known as the plug for his ability to obtain anything illegal and supply it to his high-paying customers, no matter how hard it is to get or how illegal, Killian is the connection between the customer and what the customer desires. 


As the oldest of the King boys, Killian is extremely protective of his brothers and shows this when his youngest brother is nearly killed and he kidnaps a doctor to save him. Once Aliyah completes the life-saving surgery on his brother, he finds himself indebted to a woman who hates everything about him, especially the life he leads. 


Unfortunately, the magnetic attraction between them makes it hard for him to forget her. And, even though, Killian wants to forget about her and move on, for some reason, he’s unable to let go.

Princess & the Plug

SKU: 0033
Expected to ship by the end of August
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