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In the glamorous world of LA’s elite, love stories rarely happen without strings attached. I envisioned my own fairy tale love story to be full of starry-eyed romance. But what I got instead? A cautionary tale.


Landing Apollo DuPont as a client? A career highlight. But becoming his fiancée overnight? That was the beginning of a challenge I didn’t see coming… until I was in too deep.


The sole heir of one of the city’s few Black billionaire families, Apollo is LA’s most coveted bachelor and a notorious heartbreaker, always arm-in-arm with the latest ‘it girl’ of the moment.


His sex appeal is irresistible, and his charm is magnetic, but his intentions? Fleeting. They say he leaves a trail of broken hearts in his wake, and no matter what, I vowed never to be one of them.


And now, his mother wants me to marry him to change his reputation. The agreement is for three years, and though she has a list of rules on how it should go, I’ve only given myself one: DON’T FALL FOR APOLLO.


It’s only one rule. It shouldn’t be that hard not to break.


Author’s note: Beauty & the Billionaire is a standalone tale of reluctant love and high-stakes compromise. Dive into this whirlwind romance between a billionaire who has everything, yet nothing at all, and a woman determined to keep her heart off the bidding table.


Welcome to the fairytale series, where love is anything but ordinary.

Beauty & the Billionaire

SKU: 0034
Expected to ship by the end of August
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