Meet The Cast


“The Goody-Goody”

The oldest of her sisters, Janelle is her father’s golden child. She’s always done things right, forever ignoring her wants and desires to make sure that she does everything perfect… just as daddy would like it. But what happens when she falls in love with the last man daddy would approve of?



“The Outlaw”

Education with just the perfect mix of ‘thug’, Outlaw is every father’s worst nightmare. He’s aggressive, cocky and spoiled and was born with no filter. The youngest of the Murray brothers, he’s used to getting everything he wants when he wants it. This includes Janelle…


“The Instagram Model”

Beauty and brains are exactly what Carmella is blessed with and she uses both to her advantage. With 50K+ followers on Instagram, Carmella is bad in the looks department and she knows it… until she meets Cree who doesn’t seem to give a damn. 


“The Rude Boy”

Although they hail from Miami, you wouldn’t know it because Cree has a natural Brooklyn attitude. He’s rarely seen without his earplugs, prefers to walk rather than ride and has no patience for “stupid chicks” who try to get everything by way of their looks. But then he meets Carmella…


“The Tom Boy” 

Sidney doesn’t own a single pair of heels and wouldn’t be caught in a dress to save her life. Sweats, tanks and Jordans is all there is to her life. Sidney’s loved Yolo since they were kids but he only loved her back in secret because she wasn’t ‘girlie enough’ for him. But when she switches up the style, will Yolo still have a chance? 


“The Pretty Boy”

Yolo is the one to always get the party started, making sure his brothers keep a fine chick on their arm and something good to drink. He always makes sure that he’s looking good and can only be seen with a woman who is looking good too. But what happens when the woman he loves tends to want to rock Jordans in lieu of heels?


“The Leader”

Kane is the oldest of the Murray brothers and his goal in life is to keep them breaded up, in line and out of trouble; the main thorn in his side being Outlaw, who cannot be tamed. With Outlaw falling for an assistant district attorney, will he be able to keep his brother from making a mistake to ruin them all?


“The Charmer”

Easy-going and charismatic, Tank is the most charming of all the brothers and the easiest one to fall for… which is why he has enough kids to start a basketball team. But when he slips in the worst way, he ends up getting the neighborhood THOT pregnant and she’s determined not to let him go. 


“The Black Barbie”

Donned the Black Barbie of the hood, Faviola isn’t ashamed of her ratchet tendencies and waves them around with a flag. She’s sexier than them all, better than them all and can out-twerk them all… which is exactly how she nabbed Tank, nailing him down with a ‘planned’ (on her part) pregnancy. But what will happen when her feelings get involved?


“The Independent One”

Meet Teema – a single mother of a beautiful one-year-old girl and the baby mama of…. you’ll have to find out! LOL… She’s independent and works hard to care for her daughter ALL BY HERSELF. She has many insecurities due to her upbringing but she has a very big heart. She also has the eye of a Murray.


“The Crazy One”

LaTrese is the ex-girlfriend of Yolo Murray who is convinced that they are meant to be. With Sidney in the picture, her dream of being LaTrese Murray is put on hold but she is determined to do anything to win Yolo’s love.