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How To Help Your Publishing Company Promote Your Book

[VIDEO] How To Help Your Publishing Company Promote Your Book

Proper promotion is the lifeblood of the industry and will often make or break the success of your book, no matter how good it is. Your publishing company will undoubtedly assist in the promotion of your book but understand that this by itself isn’t enough.

A major part of being and establishing yourself as an author is the promotion you consistently do surrounding your books. Here are some tried and tested tips to catapult your book promotional strategies.

Promote daily

Be proactive. You cannot sit on your laurels and assume that just because you’ll get some promotion from your publishing company that it will be sufficient. Remember that publishing companies have numerous books to promote. You may have one or two. Focus your energy on promoting your projects daily. Be consistent. The more eyes that see your promotions, the better.


Create a professional Facebook page

As an author, you need a business page you use daily to promote your projects. Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms, and your potential reach as an author is greatly helped by how you use this platform. Interact with your audience and like-minded readers. Concentrate on establishing a strong brand. Don't just promote your material but be engaging. Click To Tweet Make sure to take the time to display your personality. That in itself will attract potential readers to you.

Create an Amazon Central page

Once you’ve released something on the Amazon platform, you have the ability to create a page linked to your work that has various necessary information. This is the perfect place for reader’s to go to see what else you may have written.


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Create excitement

You have to generate buzz surrounding your books. You can do this by pulling pictures of what characters look like, including excerpts and blurbs, offering a giveaway, etc. There are some ways you can make your book look incredibly appealing by implementing specific promotional tactics. Be creative and be consistent. Once excitement is high, don’t let your foot off the gas.

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