I’ve been seeing a lot in reviews and a lot online with readers saying that they’re tired of seeing certain themes and urban fiction novels. A lot of what I’ve seen is readers saying that they’re tired of seeing dope dealers, baby mama drama, relationship drama, weak women, things like that within urban fiction novels.


Urban Fiction Theme

Well, I hate to break it to ya, it’s a common theme in a lot of urban fiction novels that I’ve read.

And I think that it goes back to the fact that urban fiction as a genre was created to highlight a lot of things that are happening to people.

People in poor neighborhoods or people who live in the hood, live in the ghetto, live in the urban areas, the city, and have to deal with a lot of things that come with that lifestyle.

So, naturally, a lot that has to do with drugs, crime, and so on. There are a lot of issues that come into play with living those lifestyles that I feel like we highlight as authors our novels. A lot of the stuff that not only is popular in today’s society, when you see shows like Love & Hip Hop and reality TV shows like Basketball Wives.

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They highlight a lot of the same issues that we talk about in urban fiction novels.

And it’s not only because it’s entertaining. And I admit that I love watching ratchet TV every now and then. Urban fiction gives a voice to people who go through these things.

It shows not only how difficult it is living that lifestyle, but also the different possibilities that come out of it whether negative or positive.

Most times, I’ve seen that it highlights the negative side, the consequences of living in that lifestyle. And it travels through the characters’ journey until the end where either it’s success. They’re able to build themselves out of a situation, grow as a character.

I can see on the readers’ end, where you may say: ‘Oh, I’m sick of reading this type of story!’

But it’s just something that is part of the urban fiction genre.

You don’t read a horror, a book that’s in a horror genre and expect that not to be scary.  You don’t read a mystery novel expect it to not to have some kind of mysterious aspect to it.


And it’s the same thing with urban fiction. There are certain things that are going to be, that are at the core of the genre. And it’s going to be something we write about.

There are a lot of different subjects so I implore you to follow and check out, read all the different authors. Because even though these common themes, every author tells a story differently.

Urban Fiction Books And Romance Novels

I’ve read so many romance novels that have the same fundamental idea. Damsel in distress, the hero comes to save her they and they run off into the sunset.

But each author has written it differently to the point that I never get tired of reading those books.

Want to know more about what I think about this subject? Including my take on ‘weak women’ (you’ll want to go to 5 minutes and 7 seconds) then be sure to watch the video.

What are your thoughts about urban fiction? Do you get tired of the storylines? Or do you love ’em? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to respond. Let the conversation begin!!