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Be The Queen You Really Are

Be The Queen You Really Are

The way you begin your journey does not determine where you end. Once you understand the value of you, then you require everyone else to treat you like the Queen that you are.

How you start off doesn’t mean that is where you will end up. When you’ve finally understood your own value, not everyone may be for you. There will be people who keep bringing up the past or they don’t like the Queen you’ve become.

A key reason for this is because, girl, you get out of life what you tolerate.

That’s right.

If you tolerate being disrespected, you will always be disrespected.

Is this sinking in now?

If you tolerate being disrespected, you will always be disrespected. Click To Tweet

You have to set the standards for yourself, your life, and your future. You may have had a change of heart and realized your life is heading somewhere you don’t want it to. But have your raised your standards?

You want to have level 10 treatment from those around you but you have level 3 standards.

Raise them.


Here are 4 fool-proof methods for you to get your standards up to Queen-level so you can be treated like a Queen.

Four Fool-Proof Methods To Level Up To Queen Level

1. Reasons

Reasons come first ladies, results come second.

List the reasons why you want to change for the better. That way, when someone is quick to throw up in your face how much you’ve ‘changed’, you won’t doubt yourself because you have and you know why.

Why do you want to change your old ways? What was wrong with who you were? What really kept you up at night?

If you don’t have a “why” for sticking with your guns about your new and improved self – no one will believe you. You have to have a compelling reason for making the changes. Otherwise, the haters might throw you off before you even get a chance.

2. Definition

What do you want to change?

There are so many of us who want to change everything at once. We want to get rid of our addictions, find out spiritual selves, look drop-dead gorgeous, get our education, start our own company, be with someone who loves us completely, be a better daughter…


Slow down.

It’s great that you want to improve all of these areas of your life, but pick 1 to 3 areas in your life to concentrate on.

Remember, ruler over few, master over many. If you spread yourself too thin, you’ll only end up stressed, frustrated and half-crazy. FOCUS is the word. Pinpoint where you need to start by prioritizing and begin there.

3. Rituals

Show me your calendar and I can tell you where you are going to be in 10 years’ time.

Make sure that everything you do is completely congruent with your goals and go after it.

Make sure that everything you do is completely congruent with your goals and go after it. Click To Tweet

Don’t want people to talk about you behind your back? Stop always serving the ‘tea’.

Don’t want people to lie to your face? Don’t be a liar.

Don’t spread that energy! You attract who you are so you’ll attract people who spend their time doing whatever it is that YOU do. You ever wonder why the same people who are always talking about other people’s business are also the same ones always claiming that folks are talking about them? Maybe because they are always involved in mess! Winners hang with winners and losers… well, should I finish?

Stick with it girl. You can do this!

4. Draft Day

Every single year, sports teams spend millions of dollars on drafting new players into their teams. If they already have a quarterback, they don’t get another one when they scout.

Who do you need in your draft this year to help with your progress in life? Sometimes you have to clean up your circle. Let go of some negative ‘friends’ who only want to leech off of your energy and bring your down. Then replace them with people who will build you up! It’s important to protect your peace.

Remember what you want and why you want it.

What are you tolerating that you shouldn’t anymore? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Celestine Smith says:

    At one point in my life I forgot about me I didn’t love myself now I’m at a place where I am the Queen that I’m suppose to be. My crown was tilted for a minute it’s now sitting high.

    • Porscha says:

      It’s okay for crowns to tilt now and then, Celestine, but sure feels good when you get it sitting high again, doesn’t it? ??

  • Kia Thomas says:

    What am I tolerating that I’am letting go…. Poor eating habits, obesity.. My goal of a healthy life style is in full effect! Working on a new me. Mentally , Physically and Spiritually

    • Porscha says:

      Love this, Kia! Also love the fact that you cover more than just the physical! Thanks for reading. ?

  • LaRenda Myres says:

    This is absolutely phenomenal. Whatever age you are Stop and take stock in yourself. I love to read your blogs. Because they are beautiful, gut wrenching honest and the words are placed for lightbulb moments for me or to pass on to another young Queen or a Queen my age. I don’t patronize people but I do look forward to reading you words of wit, wisdom, and divine encouragement.
    Peace and Blessings to you!

    • Porscha says:

      Thank you, LaRenda! I’m so glad you enjoy my posts, and I agree with you: no matter your age!! I look forward to hearing your opinions on future posts. ❤

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